Rothmann™ Ionic Filtration Shower Head
Rothmann™ Ionic Filtration Shower Head

Rothmann™ Ionic Filtration Shower Head

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Dramatically improve the water pressure from your shower head and truly enjoy your shower experience. The unique design of the Rothmann Ionic Filtration Shower Head will provide the best pressure of any shower head while focusing on water conservation 

Increase pressure up to 200%: The use of nano-drilling hole flow technology, is designed to instantly boost pressure for a more satisfying shower experience. 

Cleaner, vibrant skin and hair: Our blend of red germanium, Grey tourmaline and medical stone in our anion ionic filtration system effective sterilization reduces chlorine and absorbs harmful substances in the air giving you soft skin and hair and reduced grease secretion.

Three spray patterns: Rainfall, Jetting, Massage, three shower modes filters shower head to get you the best shower experience in your bathroom.

Easy to install and maintain: Easily install the Rothmann Shower Head to any standard shower hose in minutes. No tools required.

One Year Warranty: We are proud to offer a one year limited on all our Rothmann Ionic Filtration Shower Heads